The idea behind Community came from wanting a palette to show not only my own work, but the work of the vast amount of people who inspire us all everyday, on and off the bike. So many of us living our lives with two wheels under us find ourselves expressing ourselves through many different mediums; Photographers, Videographers, Web Designers, Illustrators, builders, etc.. Finding an outlet through riding bikes has motivated many of us to take to these mediums, but always coming back to the thing that brings us together, Bmx.

2014 S.O.S. Classic / Enjoy the Trick Freestyle Jam

September 7, at Pacific Park in Vancouver, WA. Goods BMX, BMX Museum and Enjoy the Trick hosted an all-inclusive BMX Freestyle event. There was a rail jam, high air contest and product toss in the skatepark hosted by Goods. The guys from BMX Museum were out in full force displaying some of the choicest vintage […]



Boicott Weekend 2014

Since the beginning of Boicott Ryan Davis has continued to follow a yearly tradition of bikes, beer, and camping. Every year more people jump in on the trip, adding to the already long caravan of riders and cars from all over North America. For many of the veterans who travel from as far as Alberta, […]


Joe shows me how it’s done

Point of View – Aixe Djelal Helmetography

I met Aixe through the all mighty instagram; she started following me first of course. Once I started following her I was taken by her view of Portland through her helmet photography. Being able to recognize the spots in the images made it easy to connect and relate to the photographs. The simplicity behind how she captures […]